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PGC LogoThe Plattsmouth Garden Club (PGC) was founded in 1934 and federated in 1935.  PGC is the oldest federated garden club in Nebraska.  The PGC is a member of the National Garden Clubs, Inc., the Rocky Mountain Region, the Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska, Inc. and District XIII.  The club's motto is to enrich the gardening experience.  Projects include design, construction and maintenance of the Veterans Garden at Garfield Park, designing, planting and maintianing the enrance to Rhylander Park, and urns at the Senior Center.  PGC has day and evening meetings with lessons provided by members and guest speakers.  Club members enjoy field trips, workshops, BBQ and Christmas parties.  Every year in conjunction with the Plattsmouth Harvest Festival, the Plattsmouth Garden Club has a flower show, plant sale and photo contest.

To meet the officers, tap the gardeners' picture:  Gardeners Animated

NGC LogoThe National Garden Clubs, Inc., (NGC) is the largest volunteer organization of its type in the world.  NGC headquarters is located in St. Louis, MO adjacent to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens.  NGC has international affiliates.  NGC was organized May 1, 1929 and incorporated April 18, 1930.

Mission Statement:  National Garden Clubs, Inc. provides education, resources and national and networking opportunities for its members to promote the love of gardening, floral design, civic and environmental responsibility.

You may reach the NGC's website by placing your cursor over the highlighted link below and press:


To meet the NGC President, Sandra Robinson, tap the gardener's picture:  Girl Gardener Animated

RMR LogoThe Rocky Mountain Region (RMR) consists of eight states which are Colorado Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc., Kansas Associated Garden Clubs, Inc., Montana Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc., Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska, Inc.,North Dakota State Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc., The Utah Associated Garden Clubs, Inc. and Wyoming Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.

The Rocky Mountain Region objectives are to advance the purposes of the National Garden Clubs, Inc. and to coordinate the interests of the states of the region.

To access the RMR website, place your cursor over the highlighted link below and press:

To meet the RMR Director, Darlene Skari, tap the gardener's picture:  Gardener Raking Animated

FGCN LogoThe Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska, Inc. (FGCN) was organized in 1934.  The state organization consists of 6 districts and 24 clubs and a total of 392 members.  FGCN supports the NGC and RMR projects, award programs and educational schools.  The FGCN e-mail address is

To access the FGCN website, place your cursor over the highlighted link below and press:

To meet the FGCN President, Charlotte Swanson, tap the gardener's picture:  Gardener with Hoe Animaetd

District XIII was organized in 1934.  It has 4 clubs with 118 members.  District XIII supports the FGCN and its clubs.  Plattsmouth Garden Club is a member of District XIII.

To meet the District Director, Jim Rouch, tap the gardeners' picture:  Two Gardeners Animated

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