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Awards Programs
National Garden Clubs, Inc.
Rocky Mountain Region
Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska, Inc.

National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC)
NGC provides youth programs for grade school and high school students and scholarships for college students.  Contests are the Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl poster contest, Essay contest, Poetry contest, High School Service Project and Sculpture contest.  Youth Gardening and Gardens for Children are also available.  To view these programs use the highlighted hyperlink:  National Garden Clubs, Inc. Youth Awards  Monetary awards and certificates are awarded to winners.  National Garden Clubs, Inc. 2015-2017 Awards.

NGC provides club and member awards in numerous areas of horticulture, gardening, environmental, landscape design, floral design and others.   To view these programs use the highlighted hyperlink: 

Rocky Mountain Region (RMR)
The RMR awards committee believes that each of our garden clubs needs to be recognized and supported for the outstanding work they provide for their communities.  The RMR year is from September 1st through August 31st.  Applications should first be submitted to the State Awards Chairman, Dianne Keller, who will forward all applications to the RMR Awards Chairman by September 1st or earlier depending upon the dates of the Annual Regional Meeting.  To view the website use the highlighted hyperlink:  Rocky Mountain Region.  Award categories are Garden Therapy, Conservation, Writing, Horticulture Excellance, Photography, Birds, Trees, Garden Tours, Membership Award, Civic Development, Conservation and Environmental Concerns, Butterfly Gardening, Standard Flower Show, Landscape Design, Garden Study, Youth Awards, Fund-raising, Blue Star Highway Memorials, Press Books, Special Achievement Awards, Award of Excellence, Citation of Distinguished Service, Club Programs, Youth Gardening and National Garden Clubs Project.

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Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska, Inc. (FGCN)
FGCN provides recognition to gardening projects, programs and activities, clubs or individual garden members for outstanding gardening in their clubs, community and state.  The awards year is January 1st through December 31st.  The individual chairmen will send the winning entries on to the FGCN State Awards Chairman, Dianne Keller by March 31st.  Awards are as follows:  Arboriculture, Birds, Blue Star Memorial, Butterflies, Civic Development, Club Programs, Environmental Awareness, Energy and Endangered Species, Flower Show Awards, Garden Therapy, Horticulture, Indoor Gardening, Landscape Design, Membership, National Garden Week, National Gardener, Native Plants and Wildflowers, Nebraska Yearbooks, Garden Tours and Photography.  To view further information use the highlighted hyperlink:  Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska, Inc.

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