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Rhylander Park



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Historical Perspective

Rhylander Park is located in the southeast part of Plattsmouth, Nebraska.  The park was developed on the twenty-eight acre site of the Burlington Railroad shops.  In the mid 1960's, the shops closed.  The site that once housed railroad round houses and equipment now is home to fifty-two species of trees, gardens, youth league fields, a running track, a gazebo, pavilions, and playground equipment.  Commemorative railroad memorabilia is located in the park to honor Plattsmouth's rich railroad history.  Over time the park's beauty began to fade.  Maintnance of sports fields became the priority during slow economic times.  The upkeep of gardens dwindled as funding became scarce.


On June  24 through June 28, 2009, Plattsmouth was host to the 2009  Chautauqua, "Bright Dreams, Hard Times".  Since the late 1800s to the present 21st century, Chautauquas provided musical entertainment and a combination of oratory and lectures about national events.  Today's tent show programs focus on America in the thirties.  Rhylander Park was designated as a 2009 site and the upcoming Chautauqua became the catalyst to revitalize the park.


Rhylander Park entrance continues to be maintained by the Plattsmouth Garden Club.

Financial Funding

The revitalization of Rhylander Park was made possible by the Lions Club obtaining a Cass County Tourism grant of $1670 and Phyllis Durand obtaining The Plattsmouth Community Foundation grant of $1000.  The Plattsmouth Park board requested various organizations to adopt an area of the park.  The Plattsmouth Garden Club was allotted 30% of the funding.

Rhylander Park Enterance


The design consisted of using perennials and annuals.  Existing plants from the site and plants from other areas of the park that were no longer desired were incorporated into the  design.  Existing roses from the front were transplanted to the back.  Daylilies and grasses from other sites were transplanted in the back and at the side of the brick walls. Perennial spirea and heuchera along with bright yellow and gold annual marigolds were planted in the front of the walls.  Perennial berberis and yellow marigolds were planted in the back.  The goal was to achieve a bright and cheery appearance throughout the season until the first frost.  The tall grasses, roses and berberis would provide a winterscape. 

The Plattsmouth Garden Club received an award in 2010 from the Rocky Mountain Region for Landscape Design.

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